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We’re honored to have this opportunity to introduce you to Chalet Books & Multimedia, and our genre imprint, Omen Books. Just established in 2007, we already have one science fiction title in release and a host of exciting, groundbreaking titles in production.

Wholly independent, Chalet Books takes on subjects that the giant mainstream publishers are too “politically correct” to touch, while Omen Books is dedicated to reviving the romance, thrill, and good old fashioned fun that the paranormal, mysteries, science fiction, and “things that go boomp in the night” used to bring to life, lifting these time-honored

Chalet Books & Multimedia

  1. -Mainstream fiction

  2. -Mainstream non-fiction

  3. -Reference

  4. -How-to for homemakers

Omen Books

  1. -Science Fiction

  2. -Fantasy

  3. -Paranormal

  4. -Mysteries

Be sure and visit our genre imprint:

genres out of the morass of degradation of the past few decades.

We hope you will enjoy the adventure every bit as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

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